Many of Our Amateur Competitors Have Turned Pro!!!

2014 Winners:
Men’s Bodybuilding: Kang Kyung Won (South Korea)
Masters Bodybuilding: Eduardo Zoega de Oliviera (Brasil)
Figure: Andressa Ribeiro (Brasil)
Figure Masters: Jessica McMillan (Canada)
Women’s Physique: Bruna de Costa Miyagui (Brasil)
Fitness: Aurika Tyrgale (Russia)
Bikini: Kenea Yancey (United States)
Classic Bodybuilding: Sergii Gorenkov (Russia)
Men’s Physique: Felipe Souza Murakami de Franco (Brasil)
2013 Winners:
Classic Bodybuilding: Alessandro Galli (Italy)
Figure Masters: Melanie Gardner (Canada)
Women’s Bodybuilding: Branka Njegovec (Croatia)
Women’s Physique: Danielle ALves Balbino da Silva (Brasil)
Men’s Bodybuilding: Emiliano Dell’uomo (Italy)
Figure: Elina Gook (Russia)
Fitness: Alevtyna Titarenko (Ukraine)
Bikini: Anna Starodubtseva (Russia)
Men’s Physique: Tomas Klic (Czech Republic)
2012 Winners:
Classic Bodybuilding: Alessandro Galli (Italy)
Figure Masters: Nina-Maria Richter (South Africa)
Women’s Bodybuilding: Olga Puzanova (Russia)
Fitness: Melinda Szabo (Hungary)
Rafael Santoja, IFBB President
Bikini: Ashley Kaltwasser (Akron, Ohio)
Figure: Olga Gallardo (Mexico)
Men’s Bodybuilding: Stefan Havlik (Slovakia)
Men’s Physique: Josh Bowmar (Hilliard, Ohio)
2011 Winners:
Bikini: Ingrid Romero
Classic Bodybuilding: Jerzy Pisulski
Figure: Darlene Escano
Master Figure: Anna Maria Giordani
Men’s Bodybuilding: Matthias Botthof
Fitness: Diana Monteiro
Women’s Bodybuilding: Alevtina Goroshinskaya (not pictured)
2010 Winners:
Essa Ibrahim Hassan Obaid, United Arab Emirates
Women’s Bodybuilding: Maria Rita Bello, Argentina
Nicole Cavalcanti, Greenville, South Carolina
Gloria Keplinger, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Angela Kegler, Columbus, Ohio

Chady Dunmore, Roseville, California (not pictured)
2009 Winners:
Men’s Bodybuilding: Roelly Winklaar
Women’s Bodybuilding: Elana Shportun
Fitness: Sylvia Tremblay
Figure: Jamie Galloway
Bikini: Ali Sonoma (not pictured)
2008 Winners:
Women’s Bodybuilding: Mari Garmen Gomez
Men’s Bodybuilding: Tarek Ellsetorhi
Figure: Candice Houston
Fitness: Alison Ethier
2007 Winners:
Women’s Bodybuilding: Dianne Brown
Men’s Bodybuilding: Miguel Neil
Figure: Kara Flowers
Fitness: Sara Flom
The Eighth-Annual Arnold Amateur NPC/IFBB International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Men’s Physique Championships will once again include amateur competitors from the NPC and IFBB from around the world.

U.S. competitors in men’s bodybuilding, women’s bodybuilding, fitness and figure must finish in the top five at an NPC national qualifying-sanctioned event to be eligible for the Arnold Amateur.

U.S. ATHLETES DO NOT HAVE TO QUALIFY to compete in men’s classic bodybuilding, men’s masters bodybuilding, figure masters, men’s & women’s physique and bikini.

Overall winners at the Arnold Amateur contest in the all divisions may petition their national federations for pro status in the IFBB Professional League.

Arnold Amateur winners in men’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini who earn Pro cards will be invited to compete in a future Arnold Classic, Fitness International, Figure International or Bikini International.

Matthias Botthof, Essa Obaid, Roelly Winklaar
, Tarek Ellsetorhi,
Diana Monteiro, Elana Shportun, Marie Garmen Gomez, Sylvia Tremblay and Noemi Olah are among previous Arnold Amateur winners who have competed as professionals at the Arnold Classic. This is a unique opportunity to earn a spot in one of the most prestigious professional bodybuilding shows in the world. The Arnold Amateur overall winners also receive two tickets to the Arnold Classic bodybuilding finals on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Winners will be recognized on the Arnold Classic stage and photographed with Arnold. The Arnold Amateur receives a tremendous amount of national and international coverage from leading publications, offering winners an unprecedented amount of media exposure.




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